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Full List 750 Prize Bond Draw #99 quetta Results – July 15, 2024

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Rs. 750 Prize Bond List Online Check - July 2024

heck Draw #99 750 Rs Prize Bond Results Online

The Draw #99 of the Rs. 750 Prize Bond was held in Quetta on July 15, 2024. You can check the complete Rs. 750 Prize Bond list from the 1st draw to the latest draw on our official website. The 750 Prize Bond list results for July 15, 2024, are available as per the National Bank of Pakistan schedule.

Prizes for the Rs. 750 Prize Bond:

  • 1st Prize: 1,500,000 PKR (1 winner)
  • 2nd Prize: 500,000 PKR (3 winners)
  • 3rd Prize: 9,300 PKR (1,696 winners)

750 Prize Bond Draw – July 15, 2024

The Rs. 750 Prize Bond draw occurs every three months in different cities across Pakistan. It is conducted by the Directorate of National Savings following the schedule issued by the State Bank of Pakistan. Each year’s schedule includes the draw number, city, and date of the draw.

How to Claim Your Rs. 750 Prize Bond Winnings

Winners can claim their prize bond within 6 years from the draw date. To claim your prize, you need to present the original prize bond and a copy of your CNIC at the National Saving Center or the State Bank of Pakistan. A 15% tax will be deducted for filers, and a 30% tax for non-filers. Watch this video on how to fill out the prize bond draw form.

Upcoming Rs. 750 Prize Bond Draws

Stay tuned for the next Rs. 750 Prize Bond draw as per the official schedule

Certainly! Here are the FAQs with more detailed explanations:

What are the denominations of National Prize Bonds?

The National Prize Bonds are available in the following denominations:

  • Rs. 100/-
  • Rs. 200/-
  • Rs. 750/-
  • Rs. 1,500/-
From where can we purchase/encash Prize Bonds?
  • Prize Bonds can be purchased and encashed from:
    • Any SBP-BSC office (State Bank of Pakistan – Banking Services Corporation)
    • Designated branches of commercial banks
    • National Savings Centers
  • Ensure to carry a valid CNIC and the necessary application form for the transaction.
What are the guidelines for application forms for claiming prizes on all denominations of Prize Bonds?

To claim a prize, submit the prescribed claim form along with:

  • A copy of your valid CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card)
  • The original winning prize bond, duly signed
  • A signed photocopy of the prize-winning bond
  • Bank details including the name of a conventional bank, account title, and IBAN (24 digits)
What are the general objections raised on prize money claims?

Common reasons for objections include:

  • Missing signatures on the prize bond
  • Invalid prize bond (e.g., forged or tampered)
  • Incorrect or unclear photocopy of the bond
  • Discrepancies in the account title or IBAN
  • Use of an Islamic bank account, which may not be acceptable for the transaction
From where can we claim the prize money of different denominations and values of prize money?

Prize money claims can be made at:

  • SBP BSC Office, Commercial Banks, National Saving Centers for up to Rs. 1250/-
  • SBP BSC Office, Commercial Banks for up to Rs. 500,000/-
  • Only SBP BSC Office for amounts above Rs. 500,000/-
Should we claim prize money in our own name or sell it to a broker?

It is advisable to claim the prize money in your own name to avoid potential fraud and ensure that you receive the full amount.

Why is the date of issue important for any claim of prize money?

Prize bonds must be purchased at least two months before the draw date to qualify for prize money. This is to ensure the bond has been held for a sufficient period.

Whether a prize bond deposited with application for prize money is returned to the claimant?

No, the prize bond is retained by the authorities, and the face value is credited to the claimant’s bank account.

Why are repeated signatures obtained on the claim form in case of minor differences in signatures with that of CNIC?

This is done to verify the identity of the claimant and ensure that the prize money is paid to the rightful owner.

How many days are required for the settlement of prize money claims?

The processing times are as follows:

  • For amounts up to Rs. 18,500/-, direct credit is done in T+1 day, and cash payments are made on the same day.
  • For amounts up to Rs. 1,000,000/-, it takes 5 working days.
  • For amounts above Rs. 1,000,000/-, it takes 15 working days.
Are there any charges for prize money claim forms?

No, there are no charges for obtaining or submitting prize money claim forms.

After how many days of the draw can a prize money claim be lodged?

Prize money claims can be lodged two working days after the draw date and must be claimed within six years from the relevant draw date.

Can prize money be obtained through an authorized person?

This is subject to the discretion of the competent authority of the SBP BSC field offices. Usually, claims should be made by the bondholder.

Can we claim prize money for a damaged bond?

Yes, damaged bonds can be claimed, provided they pass clearance under the specified rules.

What are the reasons for time lag on prize money?

Verification of the bond’s authenticity from the Pakistan Security Printing Corporation (PSPC) can cause delays.

What is the time period to claim prize money on winning prize bonds?

Prize money must be claimed within six years from the date of the relevant draw. After this period, the prize bond is considered invalid.

Whether claims against prize bonds winning in two different draws can be submitted simultaneously or separately?

Claims can be lodged simultaneously for different draw dates, provided they are within the six-year validity period.

What is the procedure of Prize Bond draws? Is the process of the draw fair and transparent?

The draw procedure is conducted by a committee in an open and transparent manner. A hand-operated draw machine is used, often operated by special children in front of committee members and the public to ensure fairness.

Why don't small investors win prizes while big prizes go to big investors?

Larger investors purchase more bonds, thus increasing their probability of winning compared to small investors who buy fewer bonds.

Why does the State Bank of Pakistan not stop payment of prize money against prize bonds reported lost?

Prize bonds are bearer instruments, meaning ownership is determined by possession. The bank cannot stop payment without possession of the bond.

Can the general public attend draw ceremonies?

Yes, the public can attend draw ceremonies by presenting valid original CNICs.

Is there any way to ensure that the prize bond purchased would win a prize?

No, winning is purely based on chance, and there is no method to guarantee a prize.

How many prize bonds are in a series?

Each series contains 999,999 pieces.

How much tax is deducted on prize money?

The withholding tax on prize money is:

  • 15% for filers (those who file tax returns)
  • 30% for non-filers (those who do not file tax returns), as per Section 156 of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001.
Is an income tax payer exempt from withholding tax on prize money claims?

No, all prize money claims are subject to withholding tax, regardless of the claimant’s tax status.

Is the 15% and 30% WHT on small prizes discouraging for small investors?

The tax is deducted only on the prize money, not the face value of the bond, so it is not seen as discouraging for small investors.

Is there any limit on the purchase of Prize Bonds?

There is no limit on the number of prize bonds that an individual can purchase.

Are the prize bonds sold by commercial banks/National Saving Centers genuine?

Yes, these institutions are authorized dealers, and the bonds they sell are genuine.

Can prize bonds be encashed any time after their purchase?

Yes, prize bonds can be encashed at any time after purchase.

When is the draw list available to the general public?

The draw list is available the day after the draw and can be downloaded from the Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS) website.

What is the procedure for encashment of defective/mutilated prize bonds?

Submit a claim form along with the defective bond to the designated authorities. The claim will be processed according to the Prize Bond Refund Rules, 1963.

From where can I get the draw schedule?

The draw schedule is available on the official websites of SBP BSC and the Central Directorate of National Savings.

What is Shut Period?

The shut period refers to the two months preceding the draw date during which prize bonds of a particular denomination cannot be purchased for that draw.

Why are fresh prize bonds not issued during the sale period?

Fresh bonds are issued only when the stock of re-issuable bonds is exhausted.

Is there any institution other than SBP BSC (Bank) that offers sale/encashment of the prize bonds?

Yes, National Saving Centers and authorized conventional banks also handle the sale and encashment of prize bonds.

What is the role of SBP BSC (Bank) in the Prize Bond sale/encashment?

SBP BSC manages the prize bond scheme as an agent of CDNS, overseeing the sale, encashment, and prize distribution.

Are prize bond numbers sold to customers of their own choice?

No, customers cannot choose specific bond numbers.

Is there any deduction against the refund of the face value of defective Prize Bonds?

No, there is no deduction for the face value refund of defective bonds.

Can we exchange bonds at any bank/post office?

Prize bonds can only be exchanged at designated branches of commercial banks and National Saving Centers.

Can we exchange old withdrawn denomination bonds?

No, bonds of withdrawn denominations cannot be exchanged.

In case of theft, can payment be stopped?

No, since prize bonds are bearer instruments, payment cannot be stopped based on theft reports.

Can we purchase or encash prize bonds on Saturday or any other public holiday?

No, prize bonds can only be purchased or encashed on working days.

Is it necessary to endorse Prize Bonds before presenting them for encashment?

No, endorsement is not necessary for encashment.

What is the role of authorized banks in the sale and encashment of Prize Bonds?

Authorized banks facilitate the sale and encashment of prize bonds, serving as agents of the CDNS.

Why don't the banks accept less than 1,000 pieces of Prize Bonds for fresh supply?

Due to logistical and administrative considerations, banks prefer handling prize bonds in larger quantities.

Why is the identity of Prize Bond holders not kept confidential?

Prize bonds are bearer instruments, meaning ownership is determined by possession rather than identity.

What are the steps of processing of Prize Bond claims at the SBP?

The steps include:

  • Receipt and verification of the claim form and supporting documents
  • Verification of the bond’s authenticity
  • Credit of prize money to the claimant’s bank account within the specified time frame
Are prize bonds exempted from Zakat deduction?

Yes, prize bonds are exempted from Zakat deduction.

Is there any investment limit for any investor?

No, there is no investment limit for any individual investor.

How does an investor redeem the prize amount after the validity period of six years from the date of the draw?

Bonds should be encashed or claimed within the validity period; after six years, they lapse, and the prize cannot be claimed.

Is any premium paid on the prize bonds issued?

No, there is no premium paid on the issuance of prize bonds.

Why are prize bonds purchased during the shut period not eligible for the relevant draw?

This is due to the minimum holding period requirement, which ensures that bonds are held for a sufficient period before the draw.

Are bonds of withdrawn denominations eligible for prizes?

No, bonds of withdrawn denominations are not eligible for prizes.

What is the procedure for the issue of duplicate Prize Bonds?

No duplicate prize bonds are issued. Once lost or stolen, bonds cannot be reissued.

Can we replace Prize Bonds?

Yes, damaged or mutilated bonds can be replaced following the specified procedures.

Why are premium Prize Bonds issued?

Premium prize bonds are issued to cater to the demand for registered bonds, which provide regular profit and eligibility for prizes.

These detailed FAQs should provide comprehensive information about the National Prize Bonds of Pakistan. If you have any more specific questions or need further details, feel free to ask!

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