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National Savings of Pakistan
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Prize Bond Draw Rs. 200

200 Prize Bond Draw Schedule List
200 Prize Bond Draw Schedule List

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200 Prize Bond Complete Draw Schedule 2023 & 2024

Winning Amount of Rs. 200 Prize Bond
ListNo of PrizesWinning Amount (Rs)Prizes
Prize Bond RS. 200/-01750,0001st Prize
Prize Bond RS. 200/-05250,0002nd Prize
Prize Bond RS. 200/-2,3491,2503rd Prize

Check Rs. 200 Prize Bond Draw Results and Schedule 2024

Are you holding a Rs. 200 Prize Bond and eager to know if you’ve struck it rich? Look no further! The State Bank of Pakistan conducts the Rs. 200 Prize Bond Draw every 3 months, giving you the chance to win big. Here’s all you need to know about the draw results, schedule, and claiming your prize.

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Rs. 200 Prize Bond Draw Details:
1st Prize: Rs. 750,000 (1 lucky winner)
2nd Prizes: Rs. 250,000 each (5 winners)
3rd Prizes: Rs. 1,250 each (2394 winners)

Check Previous Rs. 200 Prize Bond Draw Results

Explore the history of Rs. 200 Prize Bond draws on this page. You can view all the past results to see if you’ve won any exciting prizes. Use our convenient search feature to find your prize bond numbers in the lists or try our free premium feature, Power Search. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the 200 Prize Bond list 2023 to stay updated about the latest winners.

BondDraw# & CityDraw DateActions
Rs. 200Draw No: 100
16 December 2024 NOT
Rs. 200Draw No: 99
16 September 2024 NOT
Rs. 200Draw No: 98
17 June 2024 NOT
Rs. 200Draw No: 97
15 March 2024 VIEW
Rs. 200Draw No: 96
15 December 2023 VIEW
Rs. 200Draw No: 95
15 September 2023 VIEW
Rs. 200Draw No: 94 City: QUETTA15 June 2023 VIEW
Rs. 200Draw No: 93
15 March 2023 VIEW
Rs. 200Draw No: 92
15 December 2022 VIEW
Rs. 200Draw No: 91
15 September 2022 VIEW
Rs. 200Draw No: 90
15 June 2022 VIEW
Rs. 200Draw No: 89
15 March 2022 VIEW
Rs. 200Draw No: 88
15 December 2021 VIEW
Rs. 200Draw No: 87
15 September 2021 VIEW
Rs. 200Draw No: 86
15 June 2021 VIEW
Rs. 200Draw No: 85
15 March 2021 VIEW
Rs. 200Draw No: 84
15 December 2020 VIEW
Rs. 200Draw No: 83
15 September 2020 VIEW
Rs. 200Draw No: 82
15 June 2020 VIEW
Rs. 200Draw No: 81
16 March 2020 VIEW
Rs. 200Draw No: 80
16 December 2019 VIEW
Rs. 200Draw No: 79
16 September 2019 VIEW
Rs. 200Draw No: 78
17 June 2019 VIEW
Rs. 200Draw No: 77
15 March 2019 VIEW
BondDraw# & CityDraw DateActions

Online Check for Rs. 200 Prize Bond List
We’ve organized all the draws of Rs. 200 in chronological order, with the most recent results displayed first. You can find the first and second prize numbers right here. To access the third prize list, simply click on the “Full List of Rs. 200” button for the respective draw. Our search feature allows you to instantly search your prize bond number in one or more Rs. 200 prize bond lists. Plus, with our Power Search feature, you can search multiple random prize bond numbers or even enter the first and last numbers of the series.

Claiming Your Prize
If you’re a lucky winner, you have up to 6 years from the draw date to claim your prize. To do so, provide the original prize bond along with a copy of your CNIC to the National Saving Center or the State Bank of Pakistan. Keep in mind that there may be tax deductions based on whether you are a filer or a non-filer.

Next Draw of Rs. 200 Prize Bond
Mark your calendar! Draw No. 95 of Rs. 200 will take place on September 15, 2023, in Hyderabad. Don’t miss your chance to participate and potentially become one of the fortunate prize bond winners. Stay tuned for the results and good luck!

Are you eagerly awaiting the 200 Prize Bond List 2023?

Pakistan’s beloved lottery tradition is back, and you could be the next lucky winner! Here’s everything you need to know about checking your Prize Bond 200 results online, the rich history of this lottery, and the essential regulations to keep in mind.

Winning Amount of 200 Prize Bond December 2023

Prize Bond ListWinnersWinning AmountPosition
200 Prize Bond1Rs. 750,000First
200 Prize Bond5Rs. 250,000Second
200 Prize Bond1Rs. 1,250Third

The Excitement of the 200 Prize Bond Draw: The 200 Prize Bond draw is just around the corner. Authorized banks, acting on behalf of the government, will soon announce the results online. However, it’s important to note that the rewards and cash prizes are entirely dependent on your luck.

A Century-Old Tradition: The concept of Prize Bonds dates back over a century when it was first introduced in the sub-continent. Initially, Prize Bonds were available in denominations of Rs. 100 and Rs. 40000. After the partition of the Indian subcontinent, Pakistan saw the emergence of National Prize Bonds under the regulation of the “Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS).” This introduced various bond denominations, including 100, 200, 750, 1500, 25000, and 40000 Rs.

Today’s Variety of Prize Bonds: In modern Pakistan, Prize Bonds are available in eight different denominations, such as the 100 Prize Bond, Prize Bond 1500, 750 Prize Bond, and several others. Each denomination offers different prize proportions and circulation. The Prize Bond Result 200 and other bond results are categorized into first, second, and third ranks. Keep an eye on this page for the 200 Prize Bond List 2023.

200 Prize Bond Winning Amounts:

  • 1st prize: Rs. 750,000 for one lucky winner.
  • 2nd prize: Rs. 250,000 each for three winners.
  • 3rd prize: Rs. 1,250 each for 2,349 winners.

How It Works: Authorized branches of commercial banks and the National Saving Center (a subsidiary of the State Bank of Pakistan) are responsible for issuing Prize Bonds and distributing prize amounts. The lucky draw for the 200 Prize Bond and other bonds is conducted using a common drawing system, managed by a committee comprising officials from the State Bank of Pakistan (Banking Service Corporation) and the Directorate of National Banking Center.

Enhancing Your Winning Chances: To increase the winning chances for the general public, the lucky draw occurs four times for each denomination. To combat fraud, Prize Bonds are printed exclusively by the Pakistan Security Printing Corporation under the Pakistani Government’s approval. Verify the authenticity of your bond by checking for security features like rainbow color printing, invisible denomination, and the government of Pakistan reverse, among others.

Rules and Regulations: The State Bank of Pakistan has implemented certain rules and regulations for Prize Bonds, including the 200 Prize Bond. Bonds should be purchased at least 60 days before the relevant draw, and prize rewards must be claimed within six years of the draw.

If you’ve purchased a 200 Rs. Prize Bond and want to check the 200 Prize Bond List 2023, you can easily do so on this website. We provide an online platform to access the 200 bond list for 2023 and accurate Prize Bond results. Our page is constantly updated with the latest public 200 Prize Bond lists for your convenience.

In addition to the 200 Prize Bond results, you can also access results for other bond denominations and any year. We also offer status details for specific Prize Bonds, ensuring a comprehensive experience for all lottery enthusiasts. Don’t miss your chance to strike it rich with the 200 Prize Bond!